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Sickness and Dancing - Kind of Loony
Or around the corner...
Sickness and Dancing
There's a magical force that surrounds a hot shower. Stepping into a chill bathroom, out of your clothing and into a tiny box with a stream of hot water makes getting out from under your nice, warm blanket completely woth it. And then, once you've started your shower? It's like a sort of zen box for your mind to wander. Admittedly, sometimes your brain ventures down the dark, spooky lane with the overarching black trees that are dead, with ravens crying out your death warning...but sometimes your brain floats out of reality into the currents of something more. Today, my brain tried that.

Unfortunately, it's kind of tethered to abnormality by illness.

Inasmuch, I started out the morning with the B52s in my head. It was joined by the main theme from Jurassic Park because of a friend on facebook. After meandering through parties and treasure [egg] hunts and so on through my head, I got out and started drying off, getting dressed and not really thinking at all. It was as I looked down at my feet, in a moment's pause before leaving the bathroom, that I realized I had, in fact, been humming Time Warp.

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hopeful4ever From: hopeful4ever Date: March 22nd, 2011 01:47 am (UTC) (Link)
I love your mind! And I miss our mornings together!
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